S​/​T EP

by Jesus Piece

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released August 4, 2015

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered at Captured Studios by Jared Stimpfl
Album artwork by Dominic Pabon (behance.net/dominicpabon)


all rights reserved



Jesus Piece Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Lost Control
Self inflicted
Is it worth it?
I've lost control
Dead to the world that I have known
Fall to my knees
Asking Why
Why must I suffer through this life
Track Name: Sinking
Internal void
swallows me whole
I feel so empty, I feel so cold.

Plagued with uncertainty
Walls Closing in on me.
Reach for a helping hand
for someone that understands

I've become a mere shell of the man that I used to be
the man that i know, the man that I am.
in silence I sit
Thinking of this
hoping to feel
different about it
devoid of emotion I am so spent

Plagued with uncertainty
Walls Closing in on me.
Reach for a helping hand
for someone that understands.

Quickly sinking
reaching for nothing.
For nothing.
Track Name: Oppressor
Corrupt system cripples youth
fake propaganda while they hide the truth
Stunted progress while the others grow.
why put up with that?
What will be the straw that breaks the camels back?

I refuse to bite my tongue
the revolution has begun
I refuse to die next
Lift your boot from my fucking neck.

Oppressor, your time has come.
Oppressor, you're on the run.

Refuse to become another target, another victim
Refuse to be labeled another thug or animal.

let me live free.
Track Name: Coward's Way
Look yourself in the mirror every day.
Ask yourself what you have to do to change.
Live your life the cowards way.
It'll catch up to you.
Every dog has his day.

How do you sleep at night knowing you've got debts to pay?
Just a boy acting like a man.
No one cares what you've got to say.

Look yourself in the mirror every day.
Live your life the cowards way.

My eyes see through you
in the end you will fall
aiming to break you
put an end to this all

my eye see through you
aiming to break you
ill be your downfall
ill be the one to end it all

Track Name: Conjure Life
Weighed down by the death of her son.
Swallowed whole by the grief placed upon
her body mind and soul.
She prays to god that he guides his spirit home.

Look to the sky.
Hoping He's there
Hoping he hears
Banish her fears.
Bring back her light, undo whats been done
conjure life, Bring back her son.

For redemption

For redemption.

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